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Jacob Rub Jacob Rub

(born January 10, 1952, Haifa, Israel), is a scientist and researcher in field of Social Sciences and in field of National Security, a businessman, an Israeli writer and publicist, who conducts interdisciplinary research in fields such as Law, Criminology, general psychology and organizational psychology. He holds academic degrees from various institutions in Israel and the world, among which are two honorary professorships from European Academy of Natural Sciences (European University) Hannover, Germany. Jacob Rub served in senior executive positions such as VP of Operations, Branch Network Manager and Co-CEO.

Jacob Rub is engaged in scientific studies, while editing reference books in fields of Law, National Security and Social Science. He participates in international congresses and has published papers in Israel and the world. In recent years he publishes opinion articles in Journals in field of science and on matters on daily agenda in fields of Society and State.

The study and research method that Rub employs is interdisciplinary and encompasses fields in Social Science such as National Security, Law Psychology and more. His books appear in libraries and catalogues of leading Universities in the United States, part of them in their Jewish sections, such as Harvard, Duke University, NYC, California, Brandeis, Pennsylvania, Hebrew Union College, Yale and more.

Rub won a price being among 7 Cum Laude students of Master and Doctoral Degree in Haifa University in 1990-1991. He has a practical engineer diploma in Industry and Management from the Technion in Haifa (1976). He has 12 academic degrees (probably an Israeli record), including PhD in Law, PhD in National Security. He is a doctoral student in Psychology and in Economics as well as a post-doctoral researcher in National Security.

His books on subjects of Law and National Security are in the IDF Archive, Journals, Universities and other Academic institutions, as well as in courts, various institutions, such as Israeli Parliament, Government, institutes and more. Rub published more than 130 papers and opinion articles in Israel and the number of his readers is at around 130,000.

Rub is a member in following associations and institutions: from 2015 member in the European Academy of Natural Sciences, Hannover, Germany, from 2016 member in the Israeli Association of Labor Law and Social Security, in 2012-1016 served as Lay Judge employed by Labor Court in Haifa and in Nazareth, from 2015 member in Israeli Non-Profit Organization of Public Law, from 2017 member in Israeli Association of Criminology, from 2018 member in the General Association of Writers in Israel, from 2021 member in Haifa and Northern Israel Journalists Association.

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