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Hua ZhangHua Zhang

Dr. Hua Zhang obtained his bachelor's degree in Materials Science from Fudan University and completed his Ph.D. in Materials Science and Engineering at UCLA. With over 15 years of expertise in nanomaterials and biosensing, he has emerged as an esteemed authority in the field. In addition to his extensive research, Dr. Zhang has made significant contributions, holding an impressive portfolio of over 50 patents. His work has garnered widespread recognition, with more than 20 peer-reviewed papers published and over 1,500 citations.

As a recognized international talent, Dr. Zhang has mastered advanced technology and product development. Under his guidance, his team achieved a groundbreaking accomplishment in the realm of high-sensitivity mass spectroscopy. Their innovative development has led to remarkable advancements in technical capabilities and product performance, resulting in a significant increase in the limit of detection (LOD) for samples. This achievement has placed their work at an internationally advanced level.

Dr. Zhang's responsibilities encompass strategy development and R&D management. Presently, his primary focus centers on leveraging high-quality clinical data to establish rapid and high-throughput methods for auxiliary diagnosis and companion diagnosis. These methods rely on minimal peripheral blood samples and are specifically designed to address urgent clinical needs. Dr. Zhang skillfully employs mass spectroscopy, bioinformatics, and clinical medicine approaches to facilitate this process. This technology is expected to significantly advance our understanding of complex diseases and contribute to the study of molecular mechanisms in cancer, particularly from the perspectives of metabolomics and proteomics.



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