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Jinsong LiaoJinsong Liao

Jinsong Liao, male, born in March 1976, is a Communist Party member. He holds a Ph.D. in fermentation engineering from South China University of Technology and serves as an external doctoral supervisor. He is a lecturer in the School of Life Sciences at South China Normal University and currently serves as the chairman of Guangzhou Lemon Bio-tech Co., Ltd. He has served as the director of Fujian Soybean Polysaccharide Engineering Technology Research Center, the person in charge of Fujian Provincial Academician Expert Workstation, the person in charge of Jiangxi Nanchang Tangerine Industry Technology Innovation Strategic Alliance, and an expert in Guangdong Provincial University Scientific and Technological Achievements Transformation Expert Database. He has won titles such as "Fujian Provincial Science and Technology Entrepreneurial Leader," "Guangdong Provincial Excellent Rural Science and Technology Special Commissioner," "Henan Provincial Enterprise Innovation Talent," and "High-level Talents in Quanzhou, Qingyuan, and Puyang Cities." He has obtained 14 authorized invention patents, 34 utility model patents, published 15 foreign academic papers, and 2 domestic academic papers. He has served as the first host of the National Science and Technology Innovation Fund Project, the National Key New Product Plan Project, and the Fujian Provincial Regional Major Project.

Jinsong Liao has always adhered to the guidance of the "double carbon" work, deeply engaged in the extraction and utilization of plant active ingredients, devoted to the in-depth utilization of waste residues of agricultural products, and researched and developed high-quality pectin and other healthy products. He has actively and steadily promoted the "double carbon" work, promoted the gradual transition of the pectin industry from energy consumption double control to carbon emission double control, and made outstanding contributions to promoting the green and low-carbon transformation of the industry and accelerating the modernization of harmonious coexistence between human and nature.

In August 2021, under the leadership of Jinsong Liao, Guangzhou Lemon Bio-tech Co., Ltd. signed a contract with Huaiji County, Zhaoqing, to build the Lemon (Huaiji) Big Health Industrial Park project, which has been included in the key construction projects of Guangdong Province in 2022. For a long time, foreign giants such as Danish Spicel, American DuPont, American Cargill, and Royal DSM have monopolized China's pectin market. To break the unfavorable situation of international monopoly, Jinsong Liao founded Guangzhou Lemon Bio-tech Co., Ltd. in 2018 and established the "Guangzhou Lemon Polysaccharide Research Center," focusing on improving the resource utilization, high-value reutilization of citrus waste, and the research level of high-quality domestic pectin preparation technology. To solve the key field's "neck-choking" technology, Jinsong Liao led his team to work day and night and finally successfully broke through the patent blockade of Europe and the United States, innovating the development of the pectin extraction process. This extraction process can also be applied to the production of domestic equipment and raw materials. The pectin galacturonic acid content is higher than 80%, far exceeding the national standard requirement of 65%. The gel strength is equivalent to imported pectin, and the esterification degree can be adjusted in production according to application requirements, which can fully replace imported products, breaking the monopoly position of foreign giants at one stroke.



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