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Kehui LiuKehui Liu

Prof. Kehui Liu, Doctor, Ecology Major, graduated from Sun Yat-sen University, studied under Prof. Shaolin Peng, a well-known restoration ecologist at home and abroad. Miss Kehui is a sincere, struggling, cheerful, lively, lovely, gentle and generous lady with a wide range of interests, especially philosophy, art, literature, metaphysics, archaeology, traditional Chinese medicine, Chinese language, etc.

As a scholar, Miss Kehui is mainly falling into the fields of biological wastewater treatment, Bio-Remediation, Eco-Restoration and Eco-Circular Agriculture, and has “three world firsts”. In recently 7 years, Miss Kehui is mainly engaged in the research on Bio-Remediation and Eco-Restoration, including heavy metal pollution and health risk evaluation, novel bioremediation germplasms screening, laboratory scale experimenting and technology integration, and farmland application based on above two steps, meanwhile the related mechanisms researching including morphology, physiology and biochemistry, molecular biology and microbiology etc. were done. Especially in Mn-polluted environment, the general contribution ranks first in the word with the new Mn-hyperaccumulators screening (accounted about 43% in China and 17% in world), the second published papers and most degree of authors collaboration.

Miss Kehui also has done a beautiful literature review job of combining bibliometrics and knowledge graphs with her own research field, especially pioneered the work in the study of eco-restoration field with two representative topics. The first paper is “Publication characteristics, topic trends and knowledge domain of karst ecological restoration: A bibliometric and knowledge map analysis from 1991 to 2021”. The only reason I do this job just is because that I think I should do this as a scholar lives in Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region (GZAR), which lies in the three major karst contiguous regions when I received an invitation E-mail from Plant & Soil. The second paper is “A Review of Research on Lijiang Ecological Environment Based on Bibliometric and Knowledge Mapping Analysis over the Past Four Decades”. Because Lijiang Rive is a very beautiful and famous river in world, at the time it lies karst areas in in Guilin, GZAR. The study of this theme has meaningful means not only in ecological aspect but also in economic and social scales as Guilin is a southwest and underdeveloped area in China. These two papers mainly showed the publication characteristics, topic trends changing over time, the knowledge domains supporting these two areas, and predicted the future research directions. The results can provide a new, global, and objective perspective for understanding the study themes of karst ecological environment and Lijiang ecological environment, and furthermore, show lights for future study for all related scholars, and also general public who interested in Guilin.

Agriculture is the foundation of a strong country. In order to meet with the national development demand in agriculture, Miss Kehui conducted in-depth market investigation and visited nearly 20 enterprises and institutions in 3 months. And then, Miss Kehui firstly proposed the concept of one multidisciplinary integration, i.e., "Mod-New (multi-disciplinary integration) Eco-Circular Agriculture", and the corresponding application model named as “Kehui model”, based on the comparable detail investigation results combined with her own multi-disciplinary background and previous productive work foundation. Details of this work can be found in the application material for National Outstanding Youth Fund in 2024.

Miss Kehui is the expert member of Special Commissioner of Science and Technology in Guangxi. GZAR and Jiangxi Province, and other prefecture-level cities; has won 1 Guangxi Natural Science and Technology Award, is a lifetime member of “International Congress of Chemistry and Environment”, was the editorial board member of “Journal of Guangxi Normal University (Natural Science Edition)”. She has presided and participated for more than 20 projects, published 106 scholar papers (55 SCI papers), applied for 39 patents, has instructed students to win provincial and ministerial awards 25 times; has presided 2 national academic conferences (the 6th "Environmental Microbiology and Microbial Technology Frontier" academic Forum, “Guangxi Modern Ecological Circular Agriculture Demonstration Site Construction Seminar”) and has participated in and chaired 1 national academic conferences, has finished several lectures of ideological education, freshman entrance education, and whole school teachers.

She has the wish of "the country is peaceful, the worldwide people are peaceful" just as Blessed Teresa of Calcutta, and she wants to try her best to assistant this dream to be realized as a scholar.



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