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Ojenge Winston OchiengOjenge Winston Ochieng

Dr. Ojenge Winston is a senior research fellow and head of digital economy program at the African Center for Technology Studies (ACTS). ACTS is an inter-governmental think tank that develops evidence-based policy in science, technology and innovation (STI) for African governments. he also lecture computer science, AI, control engineering and robotics at the Technical University of Kenya (TUK) since 2008.

He received a PhD in Computer Science at the Technical University of Kenya in 2018 with a strong bias in AI and machine learning. The research title was ‘Prediction of T.V. Spectrum Holes for Cognitive Radio Using Artificial Neural Networks’.

He have authored several academic publications in AI and machine learning especially in the telecommunications application area.

I have led and currently lead, the following projects;

Co-Lead – Scaling Responsible AI Project (SRAIP-GPAI 2024) . The project selects and supports AI developers to scale their solutions ethically/responsibly. We do this by coordinating a network of scaling and ethics of AI mentors (April – December 2024).

Lead – Gender Equality and Inclusivity project,mentors 15 AI research teams (PhD candidates, their professors, and post-Doc) from 15 public universities across Africa to review their AI studies through the lens of an ethics of AI toolbox, establish areas of breach of ethics of AI, and author a report of lessons learnt (April 2023 – June 2024).

Lead, Benchmarking the Control of Kenya’s Research in Dual-Use Technologies, Against Global Standards,investigates the level of controls over research activities in dual-use technologies (AI, additive manufacturing, nuclear technologies, genetic engineering etc) in Kenya (March – December 2023)

Lead, Explainable and Auditable AI in the Nexus of Climate Change and Food Security,interrogates the extent of gender bias in the application of AI to predict yield for credit/insurance access. The study also develops a policy framework on prevention of the bias, and preventive policy briefs (2023).

Co-Lead, AI4D Africa Scholarships in Responsible AI.

Co-Lead, Artificial Intelligence or Jobs: Which Way Forward for Africa study that researched on perceptions, fears and facts about the effects of AI in Africa (2023).

He have also designed several digital innovations and developed some, in the areas of IoT, Industry 4.0 and AI.



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