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Qiu XuejunQiu Xuejun

Qiu Xuejun, born in October 1961, is a long-term part-time professor of Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics. He was specially hired as a visiting researcher at the Lanzhou Institute of Modern Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences (presided over and guided the development of the first heavy ion three-dimensional radiotherapy planning system in China), and Sino-Dutch Biological Sciences of Northeastern University. Part-time professor of the School of Medical Engineering, part-time professor of Beijing Jiaotong University, director (part-time) of the Digital Medicine Laboratory of Beijing Institute of Ophthalmology, Beijing Tongren Hospital, and visiting professor of the Research Center for Physical Diagnosis and Treatment of Tumors at Peking University. Member of the Communist Party of China, Han nationality. Chairman and Chief Scientist of Huiren Corning (Suzhou) Technology Development Co., Ltd.

With 10 years of large-scale system engineering project management and nearly 26 years of experience in R&D and operation management of high-end health medical devices, he advocates the multidisciplinary cross-integration of "government, industry, study, research and inspection", the combination of clinical application demand orientation and technology pilot promotion, and attaches great importance to the promotion of international and domestic strategic standards-leading multi-party collaborative innovation. He serves as the chairman of the China National Visual and Hearing Health Industry Technology Innovation Alliance, the chairman of the Vision and Hearing Health Industry Technology Branch of the China Medical Device Industry Association, the deputy director of the Life Electronics Branch of the Chinese Institute of Electronics, and the deputy director of the Medical Physics Branch of the Chinese Biomedical Engineering Society Committee member, director of the Digital Medical Special Committee of China 3D Industry Alliance, member of the National Audio, Video and Multimedia System and Equipment Standardization Technical Committee, industry standard work of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology "Technical Specifications for Ultra-HD Medical Displays" (2019-1105T-SJ) Group leader, Executive Member and HTC Chair, IEEE Beijing Section , Member, International IHE-RO Organization Planning Committee , Member, American Association of Physicists in Medicine (AAPM) , editorial board member of "Chinese Journal of Medical Physics", "Life Science Instruments Magazine, editorial board member of World Journal of Medical Devices, editorial board member of Science and Technology Vertical and Horizontal Magazine (IEEE Spectrum Chinese version).

He takes the lead in systematically proposing and leading to complete the research on the visual comfort and health evaluation standard of stereoscopic images based on ophthalmic physiology and brain function detection and analysis at home and abroad; for the first time in China to lead the research and development of the Monte Carlo method based on the international advanced level Research on the application of tumor precise radiotherapy planning system, digital reconstruction of human body stereoscopic X-ray perspective, and research on the construction of an integrated radiotherapy information system based on the international IHE-RO standard framework; for the first time in China, he conducted the research and development of a large data set based on digital virtual Chinese human body Research on 3D multi-modal image fusion; pioneered the theoretical method of "gray clustering correlation analysis" in international and domestic research , and realized multidisciplinary integration research in stereo vision health, as well as intelligent medical diagnosis and treatment, military combat simulation, economic zoning analysis, Artificial intelligence decision analysis and other applications.

Presided over the completion of 3 national 863 program projects (including 1 key project), 2 national science and technology support plan projects, 1 national small and medium-sized enterprise technology innovation fund project, 2 Beijing science and technology special projects and a number of national defense science and technology key project research. He edited and edited 5 books and publications, participated in editing 7 books, and published about 50 scientific papers and reports. Obtained 7 patents, took charge of software technology development, and obtained 11 national software copyrights. Received a total of 7 national army and ministerial science and technology awards, 2 national honorary certificates, and 1 honorary title of outstanding scientific and technological worker.



Qiu Lijuan Энциклопедия ЕАЕН Tang Wenbang

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