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Sun XinpoSun Xinpo

Sun Xinpo, Ph.D., Chinese Academy of Sciences, founder and general manager of Sichuan Huatu Technology Co., LTD., Professor of Sichuan Light Chemical Engineering University, Master's supervisor, chief think tank expert of China Academy of Management, Vice Chairman of China Scientists Forum, Vice President of China Green Industry Committee, Vice Chairman of China Celebrity Database Committee, talent evaluation expert of the Personnel Department of the Ministry of Education, director of China Society for Future Research, Pioneer of Chinese modern science and technology innovation, Chief consultant of China Influential People Database, member of the Rock Dynamics Professional Committee of China Society of Rock Mechanics and Engineering, member of the Civil Engineering Professor Committee, excellent teacher. Provincial leading talents, the 13th batch of reserve candidates for academic and technical leaders in Sichuan Province, Jiangsu Province Deputy General Talents Plan for Science and Technology, Yandu Ten Million Talents Plan - Yandu Science and Technology Elite, "Yandu Ten thousand Plan" outstanding scientific and technological talents, experts in the emergency management expert database of Zigong City, experts in the first batch of experts in Yibin University Town and Keinnovation City expert database, experts in the evaluation of Fushun County territorial spatial planning project, 652 Scholar Program, approved Yan Deyue Academician Scholarship, Academic talents of Longshan Program, Excellent Scientist of 2022 Sichuan Light Chemical University, Leader of industrial Cluster of National University Science Park of Sichuan Light Chemical University, Registered Civil Engineer (geotechnical), Head of Environmental Geotechnical Engineering Laboratory,With many years of experience in civil engineering, environmental geotechnics, and design, I have been involved in nearly 30 scientific research projects. Among them, I have led 14 projects (including one National Natural Science Foundation project on the particle separation mechanism and quantitative vulnerability assessment of rockfall hazards, one key project from the Sichuan Provincial Department of Science and Technology on the organic research and technological development of a multifunctional barrier system for blocking and adsorbing VOC gases at contaminated sites, as well as educational reform projects funded by the Sichuan Provincial Education Department focusing on promoting academic construction and achievements in civil engineering). Additionally, I have participated in eight major research projects (including three national funds). I have published over 40 papers in renowned domestic and international journals, with more than 50 intellectual property rights including five international patents. As the first inventor, I hold thirteen invention patents. Furthermore, I have authored six books. In addition to being a reviewer for journals such as Case Studies in Construction Materials, Engineering Mechanics, and Journal of Geological Hazards Prevention & Control Society of China, I am also an expert evaluator for two demonstration projects: "Evolutionary Movement Mechanism of Rockfall Hazards, Dynamics Response Mechanism,and Key Technologies for Prevention" and "New Methods for Rockfall Hazard Movement Mechanism and Engineering Protection". According to expert evaluations, the research results have reached an internationally advanced level.

Based on the technical pain points existing in the current industry, Huatu Technology has independently developed a series of domestic leading technologies and solutions.

Specifically, it includes

  1. green restoration and risk control technology: curing technology of heavy metal and organic polluted soil based on environment-friendly low-carbon green curing agent, high-performance vertical and horizontal barrier technology to prevent pollutant migration, green mine restoration technology, such as rapid soil cover and green mining technology, mine environmental risk control and restoration technology.
  2. Solid waste resource utilization technology: full cycle solid waste (such as residue, mineral powder, fly ash, steel slag, salt gypsum, phosphogypsum, etc.) reuse solutions, green backfill reuse material technology based on engineering residue (can be applied to road backfill, subway station backfill, foundation pit backfill, etc.);
  3. Environmental disaster protection technology: debris flow simulation technology, geological disaster real-time monitoring technology, etc.

Lead the students to glory

  1. In August 2021, won 2nd place in the 10th China Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition (Sichuan Region), (ranked 1)
  2. In August 2021, won the Silver Award of the 7th "Internet +" Sichuan International College Student Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition of "CCB Cup" (ranked 1)
  3. In April 2019, I guided my students to win the Excellence Award of the Sichuan Structure Competition (ranked 1).
  4. In May 2019, I guided my students to win the second prize of the BIM National Competition (ranking 1).
  5. In June 2023, I will lead one outstanding graduate with an excellent graduation thesis
  6. In October 2023, he won a national scholarship with his graduate students



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