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Yang Xiao'eYang Xiao'e

Prof. Yang Xiao'e is a Distinguished Professor and Doctoral Supervisor of Zhejiang University, Changjiang Scholar of the Ministry of Education, Humboldt Scholar of Germany, Fellow of the American Society of Agronomy and Soil Society, recipient of the Outstanding Youth Fund of the National Foundation of China, national young and middle-aged experts with outstanding contributions, National " Thousand Million" Talent Project, and the first batch of special experts of Zhejiang Province. Thousand Million" Talent Project, the first batch of special experts in Zhejiang Province.

She is the leader of national key disciplines of agricultural resources and environment, and the first director of Key Laboratory of Polluted Environment Remediation and Ecological Health of Ministry of Education. Prof. Yang Xiao'e is mainly engaged in the research of environmental ecology of plant nutrition, bioremediation and ecological engineering of polluted environment, and nutritional biofortification and health of trace elements. She has presided over and completed 86 scientific research projects, including more than 30 national and international key scientific research projects, and received a total of 150.6 million RMB in research contracts; published 3 books, and up to December 2023, she has published 609 academic papers, including 402 papers in English journals, 189 papers in Chinese journals, and 18 papers in review journals. Most of the SCI papers were published in top international journals of environment, soil, plant and food sciences;

According to Google scholar, the total number of citations of her published papers is 36,800, and the H index is 100,100; since 2015, Prof. Yang Xiao'e has been listed in the international ESI Highly Cited Scholars. She has been authorized 57 national invention patents, and 25 of them have been transferred and applied. Some of her achievements have been recognized by the International Rice Research Institute (IRRI) as "World Award for Outstanding Young Women in Rice Science" (one of the five winners in the world), the First Prize of Scientific and Technological Progress of the Ministry of Education of China, and the Second Prize of Scientific and Technological Progress of Zhejiang Province. We have created 3 key laboratory research platforms of the Ministry of Education, Ministry of Agriculture and Zhejiang Province, constructed more than 100 demonstration projects for ecological remediation of soil and water pollution, and trained more than 100 postgraduate students.

Major achievements and contributions in engineering science and technology:

  1. Research on hyper-accumulation Mechanism of heavy metals for plant
  2. Principles and engineering technology model of remediation of heavy metal contaminated arable soil while producing
  3. Principles and engineering technology system of plant ecosystem restoration in eutrophic water bodies
  4. Principles and Technology of Trace Element Nutritional Biological and Nano Foliar Fertilizer Fortification



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