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Zhiliang JinZhiliang Jin

Zhiliang Jin, Professor (Level 2), Principal senior Engineer, Doctoral Supervisor.

Now, Prof. Jin act as:Deputy Director of the Academic Committee, North Minzu University,Leading Talents of the National Civil Affairs Commission;Leader of “ the Clean Energy and Green Chemical Innovation Team” of the National Civil Affairs Commission;Director of Ningxia Solar Energy Chemical Conversion Technology Key Laboratory;Director of the Chemical Technology Foundation Key Laboratory,National Civil Affairs Commission.

Researching Experience: Prof. Jin mainly engaged in research on clean energy, environmental catalysis, and cultural heritage protection. He Having certain academic contributions in the following aspect:The unique electronic self oscillation characteristics of boron oxygen anions contribute to charge transfer;Mechanism of chemical interaction between dyes and sensitized substrates in the process of photocatalysis;Design, synthesis, and in-situ photocatalytic hydrogen production coupling of graphyne.

Prof. Jin have completed more than 30 Scientific Research Project such as the National Key Basic Research Development Plan (973 Plan) Project, China; National Science and Technology Support Program Project, China; National High Technology Research Development Program China, National Natural Science Foundation of China and Enterprise cooperation projects etc.

Prof. Jin have received the Second Prize of Natural Science in Jiangxi Province.he have published over 400 research papers, here, 324 SCI paper is published as the first author or corresponding author; 40 paper is ESI highly cited, 5 paper is Hot paper papers; He have participated in editing 2 academic monographs, 2 Textbooks; He have 12 authorized invention patents.In recent years, Prof.Jin have been invited to give 4 times conference invitation reports at international(domestic) academic conferences, 20 times the branch conference invitation reports and academic members;Acted as the Editor for <Chin. J. Catal.>, <Acta Physico - Chimica Sinica>, <Chin. J. Struc. Chem.> and <J. Solar Energ. Res. Updates> etc. Acted as the Managing Guest Editor for <Surface and Interface> and <Results in Surface and Interface>, Acted as the Guest Editor for <Acta Physico - Chimica Sinica>, <Chin. J. Struct. Chem.> published more than 90 papers.

Academic Honours:2019 Highly Cited Researchers from RSC;2022 Highly Cited Researchers from Elsevier;listed as No 38683 in Top 100000 scientists worldwide Released by Global Scholar Library.



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