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Jiang LinhuaJiang Linhua

Dr. Jiang Linhua, professor and Ph.D. supervisor of Fudan University, executive dean of Shanghai East-Bund Research Institute on Networking Systems of AI, Distinguished Expert of “Thousand-Talent Program” (Shanghai, Zhejiang, etc.), Distinguished Professor of Shanghai "Oriental Scholar", Beijing "Haizhi Expert", "Top 10 Chinese Technology Leading Talents in Europe”, visiting professor at Stanford University. Since 2003, he has studied and worked abroad for more than ten years: (1) Master's degree in the University of Leuven, Belgium (cum laude, supervisor: F Catthoor, IEEE Fellow); (2) Ph.D. degree in Leiden University, the Netherlands (supervisor: JP Abrahams, main contributor for 97 Nobel Prize); (3) Worked successively in the Interuniversity Microelectronics Centre (IMEC), The Netherlands Centre for Electron Nanoscopy (NeCEN), Stanford University, Argonne National Laboratory, UCLA, PSI Paul Scherer National Laboratory in Switzerland, etc. He is also a visiting professor at Stanford University, a member of the Technical Committee of the National Research Institute of Software and Integrated Circuit IoT, and a special-term professor at Huzhou University and the Shanghai Advanced Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

He has been engaged in photoelectric image processing, intelligent network and artificial intelligence research for a long time. He leads the "Optoelectronic Information Processing and Intelligent Computing" laboratory, focusing on the researches on optoelectronic information image processing, intelligent networks and unmanned systems, artificial intelligence and big data. And has established long-term cooperation with Stanford University, the University of Toronto in Canada, the Paul Scherer National Laboratory in Switzerland, the Tsinghua State Key Laboratory of Intelligent Technology and Systems, and the State Key Laboratory of Cognitive Neuroscience and Learning at Beijing Normal University. More than 50 post-doctoral, doctoral and master students have been trained with his supervision.

He is the reviewer for several international SCI journals (e.g. Ultram, M & M etc), and has published more than 100 scientific papers, more than 50 of which as the first author/corresponding author (SCI/EI English journal articles, the highest impact factor IF 14.1, a total of more than 80), three selected SCI cover-featured journal papers, and published 1 English monograph. He has led and participated in many scientific research projects, e.g. 3D reconstruction of high-noise terahertz images, detection and analysis of electron diffraction images, 3D reconstruction of electron microscope images, Cyttron biomedical visualization platform. He has hosted many Sino-European international academic conferences (reported by major media, e.g. European Times, Phoenix TV, China Daily, etc.).

He has done extensive researches on electronic optical camera hardware equipment (Medipix chip), intelligent image processing algorithms, interdisciplinary-aerial image processing, biological imaging; and has developed the “Cyclops image processing software”, “EDiff electron diffraction processing software” and “molecular image 3D reconstruction software” (purchased and used by FEI, Nano-MEGAS and other companies) .

In recent five years, he carried out researches on applying optoelectronic devices and intelligent algorithms in industries, e.g. researched on Internet of Things and big data processing in medical industry cooperating with Stanford University; participated the drug logistics and e-commerce system upgrading project for Diplomat Specialty Pharmacy (the biggest Specialty Drug Marketing Company in USA) as a consultant; carried out a number of projects such as medical big data storage, automotive intelligent networking and agricultural machinery IoT partnering with the National Research Institute of IoT (CAID). Those project outputs were successfully applied in industries later on.

From 2019 to 2021, he led the organization of the "International Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Advanced Manufacturing (AIAM)" (www.icaiam.com) for three consecutive years. (1) the first conference held from 2019.10.17-19 in Dublin, Ireland; (2) 2nd conference held in Dec 2020 in Manchester, UK; (3) 3rd conference in Nov 2021, both online and offline conference in Shanghai and Europe: 400 people attended; 16 international leading experts gave the keynote research reports. The conferences expanded the international academic impact of Chinese and European Chinese professionals in the field of artificial intelligence and advanced manufacturing. The conference proceedings are published by ACM/IEEE Press and indexed by EI Compendex.

Representative papers

  1. Dashun Pei; Mingxuan Jing; Huaping Liu*; Fuchun Sun; Linhua Jiang*; A fast RetinaNet fusion framework for multi-spectral pedestrian detection, Infrared Physics & Technology, 2020, 105: 0-103178. (SCI, corresponding author)
  2. Zhihao Yu; Hua Zhou; Ligang Luo; Linhua Jiang*; NaTi2(PO4)3@C nanocrystals anchored on B-doped graphene sheets with outstanding electrochemical performances for sodium energy storage, Ceramics International, 2020, 47(7): 9827-9833. (SCI, corresponding author)
  3. Zhihao Yu; Linhua Jiang*; Olivine LiFePO4 nanocrystals grown on nitrogen-doped graphene sheets as high-rate cathode for lithium-ion batteries , Solid State Ionics, 2018, 325: 12-16. (SCI, corresponding author)
  4. Jiayao Wang,Olamide Tawose,Linhua Jiang*,Dongfang Zhao; A New Data Fusion Algorithm for Wireless Sensor Networks Inspired by Hesitant Fuzzy Entropy, Sensors, 2019, 19(4). (SCI, corresponding author)
  5. Jiayao Wang,Abdullah Al-Mamun,Tonglin Li,Linhua Jiang*,Dongfang Zhao; Toward Performant and Energy-efficient Queries in Three-tier Wireless Sensor Networks, the 47th International Conference (ICPP),2018. (CCF A-level international conference, corresponding author)
  1. Executive Director/Deputy Secretary General, Federation of Chinese professional associations in Europe(FCPAE)
  2. Member of the Technical Committee of the National Software and Integrated Circuit Internet of Things Industry Research Institute
  3. Member of the Youth Working Committee of the Chinese Society of Command and Control



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