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Dr. Liang Zengle

Personal resume

Gender Male Birth 1957.10 ethnic Han marital status married

Educated University Title senior economist Birthplace of Wuxi City, Jiangsu Province

Learning experience

1979-1983 studying in Jiangsu East China Institute of Technology Department of Electrical Automation Control professional

1988-l90 studying in Business Management at Institute of Hebei Province. Department of Economics and Management

1991-1992 student at Southern University Department of Computer Science (Postgraduate)

2007 European International University, Science and Technology Project Management PhD / Visiting Professor

Working History:

2009 \ 01 - present director of the Center of China's scientific and technological achievements , responsible for the overall work

2007 \ 01 - present president of China International Hi-tech achievements Group is responsible for the overall work of the operation

2006 \ 01 - present chairman of Shenzhen Hi-Tech Information Consulting Co., Ltd. is responsible for the overall work of operation

2004 \ 5-2005 \ 11 Shenzhen Science and Technology Bureau Technology Market Management Office the senior economist intersection project review

2003 \ 3-2004/4 Shenzhen city experts title, The expert sight "Edit Minister, deputy director of the International Exchange Department Newsroom

1999 \ 12-2003 \ 2 the Shenzhen decision Advisory Committee evaluation experts project review

1999 \ 6-1999 \ 11 Hong Kong (Ng) International Investment Group Co., Ltd. Minister project assessment, planning, investment

1994 \ 5-1999 \ 6, deputy director of Jiangsu Provincial Food School of Economics Chengjiaozhongxin, Lecturer in adult education

1993 \ 1-1994 \ 5 processing and sales director of the Center of Jiangsu Province, Suining Grain Bureau is responsible for the overall management of

1992 \ 3-1992 \ 12 Suining food director of the Management Committee of Jiangsu Province is responsible for the overall food management

1990 \ 7 \ -1992 \ 3 Food Hall the Subei computer technology service center in Jiangsu Province and Nanjing University, director of the Center of Computer Services in Northern, The Director is responsible for the overall management of

1978 \ 9-1990 \ 7 Jiangsu Suining Food Bureau plans to deputy chief of program management

Social duties and Job performance

China Private Technology Promotion Association brand deputy Secretary-General, brokers Industry Association vice president of Guangdong Province, Shenzhen Cultural Industry Import and Export Industry Association vice president, the vice president of the Shenzhen Institute of Economics, Shenzhen technology brokerage Professional Committee deputy director of the Shenzhen Municipal Government procurement project evaluation experts.

1, to build China's first achievements into network and technology services to more than 3,000 enterprises, and the establishment of a project library funding library, pool.

Shenzhen training nearly 1,000 people in the government procurement evaluation experts. Achieve the transformation of more than 30 projects.

Prices for the province's food system, the standardization of the measurement and computer applications, and scientific management to make significant contribution. Jiangsu Province, food grain and oil prices of the Office of Management and Computer applications in the food system to organize large-scale training courses, accumulated more than 1,000 people participating in the training staff: training for the provincial / municipal / county food system the inspection qualitative consideration and the food business prices and computer applications in the food system, The training staff of 10,000 or more.

4 monographs the food commercial prices and the cost of agricultural investigation agriculture Press, writers teach you to write the text "Shanghai Far East Press," computer in the food system "and write" the Shenzhen environmental Parade "," Acceding to the WTO-WTO international scientific and technological achievements into the protection of intellectual property rights and other papers



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