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Eldar Allahyar oglu Quliyev, - Cooperation in the agrarian sector: aspects of the social-economic efficiencyEldar Allahyar oglu Quliyev, - Cooperation in the agrarian sector: aspects of the social-economic efficiency. Статья из журнала Achiv EuroECO

Dynamic and sustainable development of the national economy in the second decade of the XXI century requires special attention to priorities. These priorities and principles of the development strategy in general took its base from provisions of national leader Heydar Aliyev and President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev about the development of those ideas in a creative way. The changing world had directed the potential of the national socio-economic development strategy to be able to adequately react to the effects of globalization at the conditions of attempts to regulation. The course of development where the human factor put forward means the unity of the socio-economic processes. The social context of economic activity of the people based on the voluntary cooperation becomes an important condition of its efficiency.

As an important condition for development the matching of interests was always urgent and is at the agenda presently. The cooperative movement holding an important place in economic history covers all areas of human activity. Researchers investigating the cooperation relations mainly grouping cooperatives as follows: agriculture, manufacturing, service, consumer, credit, housing and innovation cooperatives.

Regardless of sphere of activity is a cooperation directed at fair distribution of revenues, efficient use of resources, and more flexible adaptation to market demands. Production, consumption, innovative activities as an important factor of implementation of the economic and social functions distinguished with development issues of cooperation.

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