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Zhang YuZhang Yu

Dr. Zhang Yu is a dedicated male educator born on September 26, 1970, hailing from the culturally rich province of Shanxi, China.

In 2019, Zhang Yu founded Ningxia RUIZHI Education Group, a leading educational training institution in Ningxia, marking his entry into the education field. From 1999 to 2020, he successfully nurtured nearly 200,000 primary and secondary school students as the leader of the institution, with an annual enrolment reaching a peak of nearly 40,000 students. Since 2015, Zhang Yu strategically shifted the focus of the institution to international education, forging collaborations with renowned global universities such as Kaplan, Into, SG, and DPU.

Each year, he guides approximately 300 Chinese students in pursuing undergraduate, master's, and doctoral degrees abroad. Zhang Yu has played a key role in fostering collaborations with institutions such as the University of Chester in the UK, ESRA International Group in France, Sino-French University, Aiginion College in Greece, and the United Nations University for Peace European Centre for Peace and Development. He has also established partnerships with esteemed Chinese universities and organized various international education forums.

In recognition of his contributions, Zhang Yu was bestowed an honorary doctorate by the European Academy of Natural Sciences in 2023. Zhang Yu's commitment to internationalizing education stems from his belief in exposing students to diverse knowledge and cultures, thereby strengthening their international perspectives and cross-cultural communication skills. His ultimate goal is to foster global exchange and cooperation. Given China's status as a major source of international students, with approximately 700,000 studying abroad annually, Zhang Yu seeks to leverage his experiences in five countries to play a more influential role in the field of international education. Looking ahead, Zhang Yu remains dedicated to making a positive impact in the realm of international education.



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